About RoyKushHome

RoyKushHome provides a safe responsible access to top vape cartridges for adults. We operate the sole legal online store for recreational cannabis in California, and will become the provincial wholesaler of cannabis for private retail stores once a legislative framework is in place.

  RoyKushHome is one of U.S.A top rated and best online vape oil and cartridge company. Again we make it easy to buy vape cartridges online safely and discreetly.

  In addition, we have spent many years building a solid reputation among patients and are passionate about the safe and legal use of medical marijuana. We sell best quality vape cartridges online in California.

RoyKushHome understand that patients, for whatever reason, may have trouble purchasing their medicine from a  dispensary, that’s why we provide convenient access to vape carts and accessories online through our online service.

Furthermore, not only do we offer a wide variety of Vape and Cartridges in the market today, our sign-up process is easy and free. Buy vape cartridges online at best prices & high quality.

The CEO Benny Martin has been running ever since its creation in 2007. The market keeps getting wider. RoyKushHome is known for quality cannabis and psychedelic products. This explains its rise above its competitors. We work in partnership with leading weed info and product companies like Leafly, weedmaps, cannahealth and more. RoyKushHome is recommended by so many site visitors. professionalism is what we are about and we handle and treat all our customers with care and love. The cannabis community must grow and it takes only shops like us to make that happen safely.

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Quick Reliable Shipping : We offer shipping and tracking numbers with all fullfilled orders. Tracking information is given to you immediately paymen is validited. when orders are shipped, we also send an email saying your shipment is on its way. Track here

Cost Effective Shipping : We ship directly to your door! Quality products. With the price of gas nowadays, we can save you money. 

Reliability : With the many relationships with top vape cartridge brands over the years, we consistently provide the customer with a superior product. You can trust RoyKushHome for being the superior vape carts store.

    We are the modern day equivalent to the Seagram’s family, Sleeman family and the Bronfmans who all made a living selling alcohol a much more dangerous substance than cannabis. We look forward to helping you with all your health issues and needs.