Blue Dream


Blue dream – Dankvapes marijuana can have moderate to high THC levels and about 2% CBD.  The CBD helps balance out the stimulation of the THC.  When you first toke, you will note the blueberry flavors.  It is mouth-watering.  Next you will be gripped by a rise in energy and a full body pain relief.  All of the days’ stress and aches and pains will dissolve in your body.

The rise in energy will be accompanied by a calm euphoria that spreads through the body causing relaxation and tingling.  However, you will have a light step and be able to move about and think clearly.  You may have a boost in creativity and activity level.  This makes it a good strain for getting up in the morning and getting work done.  You will find an increase in motivation to accomplish the day’s tasks accompanies the high of this much sought-after strain.  It’s a great way to start your day, with pain relief, motivation, and a positive attitude.

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